Here you can find answers to the questions most often asked by Creativity Design Award participants.

Who judges the Creativity International Awards?

A panel of advertising and graphic design professionals who meet deadlines and budgets on a daily basis judges the Creativity International Awards. They understand your challenges and the lengths to which you go to overcome them. Creativity International Awards makes a special effort to obtain judges representing the demographics of our competitors – judges from East Coast agencies, West Coast agencies, international agencies, freelancers, educators and creative directors have all taken part in our panels over the years. See this year’s judges here.

Who enters the Creativity International Awards?

Ad agencies, publishers, graphic designers, photographers, freelance designers, illustrators, producers, directors, web designers, marketing departments, non profits, in-house and corporate art departments may submit original design, advertisements, marketing or art pieces. We receive entries from firms of all sizes and specialties, in the United States and nearly everywhere else! There are Student & Professional divisions – entries into all categories are accepted for both. Instructors and professors may submit work on behalf of a student. Student work will be evaluated separately from professional work. Anyone involved with the creation of the advertisement or design work may submit the entry – client, team member, creative firm, PR company, etc.

How are the winners chosen?

All entrant information is removed to prevent bias and scores are assigned by the panel on a scale of 1-10. Judging is blind – they don’t know who has submitted the entry (except in the cases of self-promotion entries.) Scores are computer tabulated and averaged to prevent error. The entry in a category that receives the top average score but is no lower than 7.5 receives our Platinum Award; entries that receive scores between 7-7.4 are awarded Gold; scores between 6-6.9 are awarded Silver, and all other entries receiving scores between 5-5.9 are awarded Bronze. Except in the case of a tie, only one Platinum designation will be awarded per category. Our most prestigious award – Best in Show – is selected by consensus of the panel – only one award for Student and one award for Professional is allowed per competition. It is not mandatory that a Best in Show is selected. Creativity International Awards will contact winners within 30 days after judging concludes with their results. Entrants can also log into their accounts and see their awards win.Scores and any available commentary can be obtained buy submitting a request in writing to: Creativity International Awards Score Request 974 Breckenridge Lane, #190 Louisville, KY 40207-4619

What do winners receive?

Professional award winners receive:

  • 2 professionally designed certificates commemorating the winning entry with entry title, and category printed. 1 for the entering company and 1 for the client. Decal will be affixed indicating the level of win.
  • All winners featured on the Creativity Awards website and published in the reintroduced Creativity Awards Design Annual.
  • Top tier (Best in Show, Platinum & Gold) winners exhibited in Creativity Design Winner Tour which appears at prominent design conferences and events throughout the world.
  • Press release sent to major industry outlets.
  • Professionally designed icons for use on websites, email signatures, etc.


Student award winners receive:

  • Professionally designed certificates for each team member commemorating the winning entry with entry title, entering student & school and category. Certificates will be sent as a pdf via email.
  • All winners featured on the Creativity Awards website and published in the reintroduced Creativity Awards Design Annual.
  • Top tier (Best in Show, Platinum & Gold) winners exhibited in Creativity Design Winner Tour which appears at prominent design conferences and events throughout the world.
  • Press release sent to major industry outlets.
  • Professionally designed icons for use on websites, email signatures, etc.


All winners have optional purchases available to commemorate their win. See the Store page for more information.
All winners will be published in the Creativity Awards Design Annual.

How can I save money on entering the competition?

You can save money by entering online. The system allows for you to upload files of any size. Physical samples are not required, but sending actual samples of your work is the best way for the judges to fairly evaluate the quality and workmanship of your entry. If you are sending samples you can save money when you ship your entries by not having to mount them. Please send the entry or entries in a sturdy box or pack. All physical entries must be accompanied by a hi-res digital file that has either been uploaded or is included on a CD/DVD.

What method should I use to submit my entry?

Media Submission Methods (all pretty self explanatory):

  1. Mail entry with CD/DVD of digital file
  2. Provide url to entry (preferred)
  3. Upload high res digital image

Print Submission Methods:

  1. Mail entry and upload hi-res image Select this method if you are sending a physical sample of the entry but also uploading a hi-res image to be used online and in the Creativity Awards App if the the entry wins.
  2. Mail entry with CD/DVD of digital file Select this method if you are sending a physical sample of the entry and your hi-res images are included on a CD/DVD.
  3. Upload hi-res digital file If you are sending images only for the judges to review – select this option. Easy peasy!

Entering the Creativity competitions is easy. Entrants can submit entries online through a secure account that can be accessed anywhere in the world, anytime.

How do I use the online system?

The first step is to set up a user account using your e-mail—click this link to enter the Creativity International Awards. After completing your profile, you can log in anytime using your e-mail address and password.

There are five steps to submitting an entry:

Step 1: “Submit Entry” – Complete all entry information including credits & upload your files, if applicable. Entries can be cloned if submitting to different categories.

Step 2: “Finalize” – Make sure all required elements for submission are met and submit your entry to judging.

Step 3: “Add to Cart” – Add your entries to your cart and when ready, submit credit card payment online or print & send invoice with check. Wire transfer information is also here.

Step 4: “Print PDF” – if you are mailing physical samples, print your labels here and affix one to the back of each entry. Please include a printed copy of your invoice with shipment.

How do I pay the entry fees?

Credit card payments are accepted through our online system or through the mail. Checks may be mailed with an entry if accompanied by an invoice generated by the submission system. Please make checks payable to Creativity International Awards. International advertisers and designers can pay using wire transfer. There is a charge of $20 to cover bank fees. Wire transfer information will be shown on the payment page of the submission site.

What if I don't want to enter or register online?

You may ship your entries with a manual entry form available upon request. All entries must eventually be put into the online system – we do prefer that you enter your own information so there are no mistakes on your entry. If you are resolutely against using the online system yourself a manual entry form can be obtained by emailing us. All other entry requirements remain the same.

What kinds of digital files are acceptable?

All entries for the Print Competition must be submitted along with a high-resolution of at least 350 dpi PDF, .TIF, .JPEG or .EPS file with all fonts embedded. This will ensure a quality reproduction Creativity Awards Design Annual, online and in the exhibit. Please note that for the Print Competition, uploaded entries will be reviewed online. Feel free to submit a sample copy for physical judging. Do not ship an entry in digital format only; please include a tearsheet or proof. We accept digital files in all standard graphic formats, such as .eps, .tif and .jpg files. A PDF document is less likely to corrupt during processing, and since it is considerably smaller than the original native file, you will find the upload time to be shorter. Do not send raw or native files. For video, television and motion graphic entries, we accept most standard media playback files as well as DVD NTSC (viewable on standard DVD players in North America). Each single entry should be submitted on an individual disc if they are not being uploaded. Campaigns should be edited together in one file with three seconds of black between each campaign piece. Uploaded campaigns may be in separate files and named 1of3, 2of3, etc. Beta format is not accepted. Links to videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo are preferred. Computer-based formats such as Quicktime and Flash should have a maximum screen size of 1024 (h) x 768 (v). Radio commercials should be submitted as .wav or .aiff files. Campaigns should be submitted as one file with at least three seconds of silence between each spot. We can accept many of the standard formats, including all those created by QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Audio, and Macromedia. File extensions include: .mov, .wav, .wmv, .wma, .avi, .asf, .mid, .aif, .mpg, .mp2, .mp3, .mpe, .m4A , .swf. and .mp4, etc.

What should I do with an entry in a language other than English?

Entries in a language other than English must be accompanied by a translation. The translation must not be a synopsis, but a direct translation of the text of an advertisement, brochure, poster, etc. For non-English video entries, please dub or provide subtitles. For non-English audio entries, please provide either a transcript in the form of a digital file or a video file format that provides subtitles while the audio is playing.

How do I submit a campaign?

Each item within a campaign is not assigned an individual entry ID. There is no limit to the number of pieces in each campaign entry. The entry labels generated from our online competition system will clearly show each piece as belonging to a campaign entry.

How do I choose the best category for an entry?

Peruse the entire category list before selecting the proper category. While Collateral Materials might encompass your entry, for example, you may find a more specific category later in the list. Select the category that you feel best describes the work. If you have a campaign that spans print, new media and television, you can submit it to the Integrated Campaign category in the Alternative Media division (Media/Interactive) or Branding Campaign in the Print division (Print/Packaging). The administrator will reassign entries to a different category if appropriate.

May I submit the same entry in different categories?

Yes, you may enter the same advertisement, brochure, self-promotion piece, etc. in more than one category; however, each entry that you enter into a different category will assess an additional entry fee. Whether the entry is submitted online or shipped, it will require duplicate uploaded digital files or a duplicate copy of the shipped entry.

Are there categories that require a shipped sample?

No category requires you to ship a copy of your entry—however, it is wise to ship a sample because it is the best way for the judges to fairly evaluate the quality and workmanship of your entry. We do require that you upload a high-resolution digital image for reproduction online and in the Creativity Awards Design Annual if you choose to ship an entry.

I'd like to ship my entry. Where do I send it?

Please mail your entries to our entry processing address: Creativity International Awards 974 Breckenridge Lane, #190 Louisville, KY 40207 USA Remember to submit each entry using our online system. This will allow you to print entry forms and labels prior to shipping.

Can I edit or change my credit information?

After the Call for Entries deadline all credit information—creative firm, client, and creative team—will be locked. This information will be posted online and published in the Creativity Awards Design Annual exactly as entered in the online system. If mistakes are brought to our attention, we will deal with them on a case-by-case basis, and a charge for changes may apply.

Is there charge to feature my winning entry online or published in the Design Annual?

No – there are no publication fees required.