• Student Mentoring Program

    Creativity Mentoring Program

    Creativity International believes in ensuring our industry’s future design stars have every advantage they need to succeed. To that end we have created the Creativity Mentoring Program. Developed to expose design students to some top creative minds and top international design that they may not otherwise be able to see – they will get an immersive experience during the on site judging of¬†international design entries and networking with leaders in the industry.


    ****Note – we have currently suspended our Mentoring Program in order adapt it to our new judging procedures.****

    What is the mentoring program?

    3 lucky students who have entered and won in Creativity International’s Design Awards will be selected to¬†participate in the on site judging.

    Judging will rotate to different cities each year so student must be from that region to be eligible.

    Students are also encouraged to bring their portfolios and have them reviewed by the panel. Only students that have entered Creativity have this opportunity.


    Who is eligible?
    • Any student that has entered and won in either the Creativity Media & Interactive Awards or the Creativity Print & Packaging Awards.
    • Students are selected in a blind drawing of all eligible entrants.
    • Students from any country are eligible.
    • If an invited student cannot attend, an alternate will be selected.
    When are the selected students announced?

    Selectees are invited and after acceptance they will be announced globally via email, press release and our website.


    2018 Mentoring Program Selectees