Competition History
“Get Discovered Here”

Since 1970 Creativity Awards has been in the business of awarding great design from both well established and up-and-coming designers. You don’t have to be a big name to win with Creativity – we make you a big name!

From Don Barron, Editor of Art Direction Magazine,
Creativity 1, 1972

“Creativity 1 is the complete pictorial record of Creativity ’71, a show sponsored, judged, and hung by Art Direction Magazine. Here is the best-designed and best-executed advertising produced in the United States and around the world.

The Creativity Show was started in 1970 to answer many criticisms of shows. Art Direction, since it was first published in 1949, has supported all Awards Shows because they reward the talented, the lifeblood of this profession. However, it had also felt that show rules and management could be improved if brought up to date.

Its new show made the following changes:

  • Instead of restricting entries, it accepted them from all over the United States and the world.
  • Instead of having the show judged by Art Directors, Art Direction judged the show. It believes that at least one Awards Show should be completely unrestricted and open to all schools and styles of advertising design; impartial to art, illustration, photography, or graphic design; and for all media: print, TV and collateral.
  • The third major change was to insure that a large audience would see the winners. The Creativity Show is hung in the Advertising Directions Annual Trade Shows, which attracts thousands of visual professionals, clients and students from all over the country, and the world.
  • Lastly, Art Direction invited comments, pro and con, on the Show which will be published so that they may be further discussed.

The Creativity Show was an immediate success. In two short years it has become for many professionals the Awards Show of the entire field. Creativity 1 presents 507 award-winning entries from 1971. They offer visual solutions form every school and style – in art, illustration, photography, and typography – for print, television, packaging, and collateral. There are 876 illustrations in 288 pages, with 16 pages in full color.

Creativity 1 is both a record of the state of the art of advertising in 1970-1971 and a handsome book to be studied, page by page, many many times.”

The Creativity Awards Today

My how things have changed…the Design Annual doubled in size by 2011 but is replaced by an app and the traveling exhibit goes all over the world to provide media exposure to the winners on more than one continent.

But the purpose and core existence of Creativity remains unchanged ~ award and recognize great design, and the designers that created it, from around the world. Creativity International Design Awards is one of the longest running, independent advertising and graphic design competitions. Open to both students and professionals from around the world, Creativity International Awards is judged by a rotating panel of advertising and design professionals who volunteer their time and knowledge without personal agenda or bias.

Winning entries are selected for their quality of art, or their advertising impact, or both. There is no bias towards any agency, publication, company, freelancer, city, country or any school or style of design.

As Don did, we believe in award shows. Without them, advertising art would suffocate. They expose the various treatments of many Art Directors at one fell swoop. They encourage evaluation, comparison, and … criticism. They stimulate new visual viewpoints as they bury old and overworked renderings. They help the Art Director function: to visually update, from day to day if need be, the client’s relentlessly rigid demands for more sales.

Creativity strives to be a complete self-promotion vehicle for the savvy designer, web developer, advertiser or marketer. Creativity has also become one of the first female owned and operated design award shows in the industry. We are part of and support the 3%!

Creativity International Awards follows all guidelines for ethical contests recommended by the Graphic Artists Guild.

The Creativity International Awards is currently based in Louisville, KY and is a wholly female-owned, privately held company.