Yum Dynasty

Food & Beverage

Bridgemark (Canada)

Project Title: Yum Dynasty
Client or Class Name: Bellisio Foods - www.bellisiofoods.com

Bellisio Foods constantly seeks to innovate for consumers, meeting new demands with delicious offerings. When one of their largest retailers approached them asking for a multi-serve, frozen meal that offered consumers authentic Asian food, Belliso took up the challenge. Most offerings are single serve only, and those that are multi-serve do not offer authentic Asian food. The challenge for this launch required creating a brand from scratch, including developing a new brand name. As well, there was no planned marketing support for the launch, so the packaging needed to be impactful to captivate consumers at the moment of purchase, with no prior brand awareness. Yum Dynasty is inspired by the high-quality ingredients of the authentic Asian meals inside, like Hakka Style Chilli Chicken, Korean Sesame Chicken and Orange Teriyaki Chicken. Authenticity is at the heart of the product offering, and the design reflects this through typography with cultural cues. The name itself highlights the point of difference of this meal from other competitors, establishing a focus on flavor and taste. Unlike other frozen offerings, Yum Dynasty leverages a top-down view, creating the effect of looking down at a plate of delicious food you’re ready to consume. The black background creates a deep, captivating block at shelf, allowing the vibrant colours of the meals to shine on pack, and entice consumers through appetite appeal. The bowl creates a target on pack, drawing the consumers’ eye to the brand name and delicious ingredients surrounding it.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

VP Creative Director:
Jeff Boulton

Katie Chamberlain



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