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Yell Creative (Australia)

Project Title: XTB Website
Client or Class Name: Australian Corporate Bond Company - xtbs.com.au/

XTBs are a new product; disruptive in the market and potentially a game changer within the traditionally staid fixed income investment sector.

Following the development of a equally disruptive brand identity, Yell was tasked to translate this into a digital experience that would educate investors and set an expectation of the performance that they would receive by investing in XTBs.

As a retail investment product, XTB has two target audiences: investors and their advisers.

As the first of its kind asset class in Australia, both audiences required education on XTBs, how they work and the role that they play in investment portfolios.

To ensure that users were engaged throughout the site, we used the medium that would most effectively convey the message for each part of the user journey. From a custom explainer video and copy that simplifies complicated financial product information, to tools that help users find the products that calculate a tangible benefit from their investment.

We created a mechanism on entry to guide users to the content that is best suited to them – a splash page which asked site visitors to identify themselves as either an ‘investor’ or ‘advisor’.

Asking users to self-select in this way means that their experience is personalised, with content delivered tailored to their specific needs immediately. Each user is cookied, so upon returning to the site they are not required to self-select again, enhancing their experience.

Having selected their content needs, audiences are taken on a logical journey through the site – starting with the most high-level information on the homepage, then guiding them through what XTBs are, how they work, what XTBs are available and then finally how XTBs can offer a benefit to them individually.


The challenge was to apply this identity to an online environment without losing the clarity of communication.

Research into user habits of the target audience showed that investors and advisers use their commute time to conduct research, so every part of the site design (and content) was built from a mobile-first perspective.

The splash page and headers of XTBs site, feature two cinemagraph videos of the same city. Advisers are shown the city at ground level, the streets abuzz with traffic and lights to reflect the fact that they are looking at the information from a detailed, technical perspective. Investors are show the same city from a very different perspective – an aspirational look towards the sky, with optimistic clouds reflecting the sky-high potential of their investments with XTBs.

Throughout the site, imagery and custom icons are used to aid communication and demystify what could otherwise be complex information. The brand and the visual design all contributes to the feeling of transparency to aid understanding.


The site features multiple interactive elements, including scrolling tickers that can be clicked to view more detailed information on that product, explainer and media videos and calculator tools: at each stage of their journey users are invited to interact with the information to learn more, dig deeper and see how investing in XTBs can benefit their investment portfolio.

What could be a staid and dry one-way transfer of information has been transformed into an interactive experience which ensures that users are engaged, informed and then prompted to take action.

2016 B2B Website Design Award Winner
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Creative Team

Creative Director:
Elizabeth Clark

Production Director:
Nigel Roberts

Jimmy Saruchera

Project Manager:
Marianna Drago

Project Manager:
Alastair Smith

Marine Arbonnier

Digital Designer:
Angelo Wellens


2016 Website B2B Design Award Winner 2016 Website B2B Design Award Winner 2016 B2B Website Design Award Winner