• XFINITY My Account Re-architecture

    Web Design

    Comcast Digital Center of Excellence (USA)

    Project Title: XFINITY My Account Re-architecture
    Client or Class Name: Comcast Digital Center of Excellence - corporate.comcast.com

    Approximately 11 million Comcast customers use My Account to control all aspects of their XFINITY services. In 2016, we rebuilt all pages in My Account so they would load more quickly and be easier to navigate, especially for mobile users; the result was 8-10% reduction in the average time a customer spends on the site. Currently, it supports over 5.8 million bill payments per month, including scheduled payments.

    Customers wanted more ways to control and manage their services, so that’s what we gave them. Now our subscribers can digitally perform many service changes that traditionally required a phone call, such as customizing a WiFi network name and password, or reconnecting services after a move. That same self-service functionality was extended to other account management features as well.

    We also introduced a new priority messaging feature to deliver important dispatches to customers. In October, we used this “Blue Bar” messaging to communicate updates to areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew. In addition, all My Account-centric Help & Support articles were rewritten with relatable content and cross-promoted, providing an immersive experience for customers seeking information or help.

    Since June, customers have been able to pay their bills online without signing in, streamlining the process for new users especially. More than 340,000 payments were made this way, with new users accounting for 75% of the influx. Customers now have the option to schedule a single bill payment in advance, giving them greater flexibility to pay bills on their own terms. Since this change, more than 2.3 million scheduled payments have been submitted.



    Creative Team

    Creative Firm:
    Comcast Experience Design

    VP, Product Development Engineering:
    Chris Dixon

    Associate Experience Design Director:
    Sabina Fletcher

    VP, Experience Design:
    Heather Hollis

    VP, Digital Product:
    Phil Marcella

    SVP/GM, Comcast Digital:
    John Williamson