WWF – Time To Change

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Project Title: WWF – Time To Change
Client or Class Name: Copywriting Program - www.miamiadschool.com

IBM’s Watson helps WWF predict the impact of our destructive activities on the planet, predicting that by 2100, the planet as we know it will change. So we tried to turn that into a positive, by calculating how our constructive activities can delay change, accurate to the second.

We created a calendar that has 31 different tasks for each month. Our aim is to show members of all ages that every task, no matter how small, can cause a big impact every single day. The microsite with its social media connections and progress display makes the members feel like they are a part of a larger community and empowers them to ask their family and friends to come together and make a difference.

Individual progress can even act as social currency. The true community effort comes in when we see how every level of society can get involved – whether it is large corporate organisations participating for CSR, schools rewarding children for participating, or even brands participating to promote their products along with a good cause. The tasks have been planned in such a way that we receive involvement not only in terms of money, but also in terms of a member’s time, expertise, and reach. The partnership with IBM, and its supercomputer Watson, is essential to the successful execution of this campaign – to make the calendar accurate and realistic. These predictions are real and the calculations of our contributions can be real too: showing members a real and tangible impact of their efforts on the planet. We want to tackle this problem through both online and offline media. Offline, calendars are not expensive to produce and distribute along with the members’ magazines. And every members’ contribution can be easily tracked and displayed with the digital integration to our phones, which also makes the results measurable. It can extend to multiple platforms communicated through an infinite number of touch points, because the tasks we give are not too demanding to be followed. Repeating the same tasks every month could turn it into a habit, changing the conversation around being environmentally conscious into one that is engaging, fun, and measurable.


Creative Team

Tanvi Tandon

Art Director:
Rajath Ramamurthy



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