• Worth Living: The Orange Project – Participation Kit

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    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Worth Living: The Orange Project – Participation Kit
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    What if you could write a note to help save a life?

    Each day more than 5000 kids ages 11 to 18 years attempt suicide. To help prevent teen suicide, we partnered with a UK-based, youth-focused organization, the Ideas Foundation, to introduce an international creative assignment: how would teens prefer to talk to each other about suicide? Writing notes of hope was their solution.

    Created by the youth, for the youth, The Orange Project is a global movement to reduce the stigma of suicide and raise awareness for its prevention with emotional strength and optimism represented by the color orange. To kick-start these important conversations among teens, parents, school officials, and the public, we sent kits to schools and hosted live events to collect handwritten notes.

    What started locally has spread globally and we are halfway to breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest online album of handwritten notes. More importantly, we’re empowering adolescents to help save the lives of people just like them. We continue to ship kits to anyone willing to participate and plan to host a pop-up gala presenting some of the most powerful notes to educate people about suicide.

    2017 Collateral Material Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Mark Willmann

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    VP, Director of Integrated Production:
    Jennifer Dee

    Creative Director:
    Katharine Imbro

    Copy Supervisor:
    Fiana Jackameit

    Art Supervisor:
    Heather Canova

    Danielle Williams



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