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Beckmans College of Design (Sweden)

Project Title: Wipe your Swipes
Client or Class Name: Visual Communication - www.beckmans.se/english/

Brief for ad-assignment

”When the brand is the difference” What distinguish a detergent from another? Or coffee from coffee?

The task you’re given today is about products where the actual difference lies in the brand. Where the real differences are small or non-existent and the advertising-investment are on almost the same level as their competitors. It is all about what you say about the product/brand and how it is presented. To reach this, you need to find knowledge about the brand, something that is relevant for the execution and for the product.

I want you to:

– Identify challenges and possibilities for your brand

– Create a communication concept that is relevant for the product/brand

– Use media channels that are adequate for your idea

– Write eventual pay off, well connected to your idea

You have all been assigned different, generic, brands that you are going to work on these following weeks.

Think about:

Effective advertising is not about big budgets. Your media channel and units need to be chosen wisely. Advertising needs to be different from its competitors on a generic market. Advertising is stolen time, be fun and show respect for the user (even if it’s a TV-ad, digital or paper-ad). Give the adverisement new content, new look and a new tone for a more distinguished personality. Your customer will not lower their prices, change the logotype, buy large amount of media, or invent a new product. The only help they need for advancement in their market is your ideas for a new advertisement!


Creative Team

Art Director:
Kristofer Gullard Lindgren

Art Director:
Axel Månson Lokrantz



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