Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor

Health and Beauty

Bridgemark (Canada)

Project Title: Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor
Client or Class Name: Edgewell Personal Care - edgewell.com

Like many trend resurgences, vintage shaving styles are growing in popularity among consumers. The new Double Edge razor from Wilkinson Sword leverages the brand’s legacy for an experience that cues the precision and speciality of a barbershop shave. The launch of this new single blade, double edge razor required a brand design that reflected the elegance and quality of the tool inside. The nature of the product inspired the design solution: the single blade allows men to wield more control and precision and express their personal style with a close shave. The design also needed to establish a premium distinction in the Canadian and European razor markets. The creative solution is rooted in this idea of a vintage, yet modern razor. The monochromatic palette is timeless — antique without being antiquated. The shield used to house the Wilkinson Sword logo creates a nod to the brand’s historical origins as expert bladesmiths, giving even deeper meaning to the brand’s claim to own “classic shave since 1889.” The shield also adds a feeling of nostalgia, looking to the past to bring forward those elements of class that are always in style. The careful embossing around the logo shows the premium quality of the product inside and the uniform pattern is elevated through gloss and spot varnishes.

2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Design Director:
Jason DaSilva


2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner


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