Whatever you look like


Hongik University (South Korea)

Project Title: Whatever you look like
Client or Class Name: Hongik University - www.hongik.ac.kr/index.do

Face ID makes you more convenient to use the phone by recognizing your face. Face ID memorizes your face in three dimensions. That’s why he can recognize you whatever you look like. Characters who have been transformed into different shapes comfortably use the iPhone. Based on it, we could feel how perfect the recognition of Face ID is. Don’t touch it anymore. Only one eye contact is enough. Even though, you’re a Beast or Hulk.

2019 Poster Series Student Design Award Winner 2019 Poster Series Student Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Mingyeong Kim

Creative Director:
Yeeun Yoon

Creative Director:
Jiin Lee

Creative Director:
Jeonghyeon Park



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