What makes you tick?


Nent Creative (England)

Project Title: What makes you tick?
Client or Class Name: Viasat Film - https://www.viasat.no

BRIEF: Every month we produce a highlights reel with the latest movie and sport releases for Viasat Film. We need to make sure this is an attention grabbing spot, it is not boring and has a theme to it. Every month we need to produce a masterpiece that sells the content in a unique way. This was our May’s reel.

HOW WE DID IT: What makes you tick? This remixed homage to Baby Driver was built from scratch, one sound effect at a time and tied together by a custom music bed. Our network’s May offering has never sounded so good.


Creative Team

Senior Creative:
Fredric Hammarlund

Audio Designer:
Mikkel Eriksen

GFX Designer:
Eugenia Martinez Barbazza

Colour Grader:
Andy Fleury



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