What if it were your pet?

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School of Visual Arts (USA)

Project Title: What if it were your pet?
Client or Class Name: Pop-thinking - www.sva.edu

Even with provocative and shocking communication tactics over the past three decades by animal rights organizations, global fur sales have almost doubled in that time. In order to ignite a new generation of animal lovers into activism, we decided to take to Instagram disguised as a fake artisanal furrier.

Through the account, we created ads aimed at owners of the most popular Instagram pets offering the chance to turn their beloved animals into beautifully crafted fur goods. Then once enough outrage was generated, we revealed the true intention of the campaign, that if we care for other animals in need as if they’re our own, we could end the cruel practices of the fur industry.


Creative Team

Art Director:
Yeon Sang Yoon

Art Director:
Jin Sug Park

Sung Kwon Ha

Jung Ho Oh



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