Welly Bottle

Food & Beverage

Little Big Brands (USA)

Project Title: Welly Bottle
Client or Class Name: Welly Bottle - https://www.wellybottle.com

This project was about capturing the simplicity of what this brand stands for – purity of mind, body, spirit. The hand-drawn logo is fluid, approachable, modern and understated with the punctuation of the water droplet a nod to the brand’s heart and soul. A simple bamboo texture is used on the outer packaging as a peek into the sustainable bamboo material of the bottle inside. A simple gloss varnish over the logo helps give it just the right amount of pop off the matte white cylinder. Brand story and specifics are tucked neatly on the backside of the structure.

2018Food and beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer:
John Nunziato

Director, Client Services:
Pamela Long

Senior Designer:
Tierney Latella

LBB Design Team


2018Food and beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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