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QNY Creative (United States)

Project Title: Wellington Crackers
Client or Class Name: World Finer Foods - https://worldfiner.com

Wellington Crackers came to QNY to create a new website that would engage a more modern, better-targeted demographic and refresh the brand. Previously, Wellington Crackers had a mini website within its parent company domain of World Finer Foods, which only gave users a glimpse into the vast array of savory delicacies the lineup offers.

Wellington Crackers sought to become the quintessential snack or side with which to entertain stylishly, and have a place on the tables of the world. QNY approached this challenge by creating a clean and elegant website that celebrates the existing legacy of this iconic cracker while also modernizing its appeal for the millennial bracket through tantalizing tablescapes and an emphasis on blending tradition and modernity.

The final website is highly interactive and completely responsive, without being overwhelming. Every page features photography that illustrates varied recipe possibilities, showcasing the versatility of a single cracker while also stimulating the creativity of eager users. The site’s focus is highly visual in an effort to connect with a younger audience through a clear user experience and easy navigation. The moving crackers are a playful nod to the modern character of the brand and a showstopping dynamic element that makes this site as stylish as its product. The entire website is washed in Wellington Gold accents, a color that exudes sophistication while also echoing the world renowned Gold Standard Wellington crackers strive to guarantee.

All sections were built and imagined thinking of multiple user groups. The Recipes page is a collection of beautiful tablescapes and delicious dip ideas that inspire and intrigue viewers into recreating them, and one of the biggest sources of organic traffic on the site today. The “Find It” section is an easy way to locate the nearest store carrying the crackers. Meanwhile, our “Contact” section offers possibilities for both customers and retailers to reach out to carry the product.

The result has awed and astonished the client, while dazzling customers into appreciating the beauty of a versatile web experience.

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2019 Consumer Website Design Award Winner

Judge Commentary: 

“Simple yet elegant. A little more cracker interactivity would be fun.”
“Art  direction and typography is lovely.”


Creative Team

Marketing Director:
James Ferranti

Graphic Designer:
Ana Camero

Creative Marketing Strategy:
Valentina Robotti

Marketing Director:
Michelle Piaia


2019 Consumer Website Design Award Winner 2019 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


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