Walkers Sensations

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Project Title: Walkers Sensations
Client or Class Name: PepsiCo - pepsico.com

The challenge for the Sensations restage was to build on the brand’s equity in flavors and deliver a distinctive, relevant and future facing, premium brand identity. The Sensations brand was repositioned as a ‘feast for the senses,’ delivering a multisensorial experience beyond traditional snacks.

We created a visual identity system that brings to life each variant, combining high definition ingredient photography with patterns, textures and gestures to intuitively communicate the complex flavor experiences. The design strategy retained Sensations’ distinctive black brand block at shelf and provided a framework for future line extensions.

2018 Food and Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

PepsiCo Design & Innovation:
Design Team


2018 Food and Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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