Waliday Table

Alternative Media
Integrated Campaign

Hongik University (South Korea)

Project Title: Waliday Table
Client or Class Name: Sol Academy - www.hongik.ac.kr/index.do

Waliday Table is ideat that Connecting seniors and international students on lonely holiday.

for many seniors who live alone, the holidays can be filled with feelings of loneliness.

And about half a million people, aged over 75, spent Christmas Day alone last year because their families have moved away or they don’t talk to their children anymore.

international students also find themselvesĀ feeling lonely, especially that many of their friends leave them to spend time with their families for the holidays.

So, Walmart Introduce Waliday Table!

How does it work?

When Seniors and International students go shopping at Walmart and get receipt,

they can find the special code below the receipt which connected with Waliday Table microsite.

And Waliday Table match one senior with three international students based on where they live.

If the match is accepted by them, they can have the contact number of each other

and Waliday Table will give a special 50% discount on food to the matched team.

So, they can enjoy holiday table together.

Using Waliday Table, seniors and international students can have a beautiful memory about holiday.

And Christmas spirits go on with this new tradition.

Happy Holiday is for everyone.


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Junsik Kim



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