• Volkswagen Fake Homepage

    Web Design

    Hallym University (South Korea)

    Project Title: Volkswagen Fake Homepage
    Client or Class Name: Hallym University - english.hallym.ac.kr

    1) Problem

    Using non-original parts cause different problems in the car. Though it is important to use the original parts, most of people do not use them.

    2) Mission

    Thus, we make people indirectly experience a negative situation when they don’t use original parts. Meantime, the Volkswagen has encouraged people to use the original parts on the car. However, most of people are not aware of using it and they don’t consider the problem resulted from the non-original parts as seriously. Thus, we want to make people experience a negative situation indirectly when they use non-original parts.

    3) Insight

    Almost everyone has accessed an unintended web page, caused by a typo in the search box. We compare the problems occurring from not using the original parts on vehicles to entering the unintended website due to typo.

    4) Idea

    Almost everyone has experienced to access unintended web page, because of a typo in the search box. If you access “Youtobe” not a “Youtube”, for example, we show the web site as the porn page. We find insight from this. We choose one of the typo as metaphor of non-original parts. If people type misspelling of ‘Volkswagen’ like ‘Bolkswagen’ or whatever, they would access the fake web page of ‘Volkswagen’, which is made by us. On the web page, people can not click on categories and the web site is not working at all. If a user clicks a banner, if drops from top to bottom and the car on the main collapsed. Like this, we deliver the message that “using non-original parts on the car might cause problem to you”

    3) Result

    Using the circumstance that people access Internet, they can experience the use of original parts on the car indirectly. Also, it helps to develop the caution of using original parts on the car.


    Creative Team

    Park Taewon

    Kim Minjin

    Du Hyangmi

    Park Minjung

    Son Sola

    Shin Minjung

    Yoseob Hong



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