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    Project Title: Voice Cooking
    Client or Class Name: Mondelez - www.mondelezinternational.com

    Philadelphia is the leading brand in the cream cheese category in Brazil. Its campaign promotes cooking therapy: the moment when your friends gather around the stove and make special memories while cooking. To establish that purpose, the brand needed a recipe app, teaching fans how to prepare recipes with the cream cheese.

    Since there were already many recipe applications available, we didn’t want to simply create one more recipe app. We were challenged to create something new, with a clear differentiation from other recipe apps.

    We came up with the insight: when people are cooking, their hands get dirty and they don’t want to grease up their cellphone screens. That’s why we created a voice command recipe app. The consumer can control everything by just saying what they want.

    With the “Cozinhaterapia App” consumers can: say an ingredient, explore recipes with that ingredient, go back and forth through recipes with voice command, “like” and share recipes on social media, make notes and even use a timer while cooking.

    The app garnered more than 150,000 downloads and 20,000 recipe shares. Consumers spent an average of 9 minutes on the platform.


    Creative Team

    Marcelo Tripoli

    Creative Director:
    Tiago Lucci

    Associate Creative Director:
    Daniel Portuga

    Rafael Hessel

    Art Director:
    Renato Silveira e Fernando Dutra

    VP Strategy:
    Carlos Borges

    Luiz Junior (Tatu)

    Thais Coelho

    Account Director:
    Flávia Denser

    Account Manager:
    Maurício Rodrigues

    Project Manager::
    Ricardo Mantovani



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