Viacom Upfront: Bob 360

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Project Title: Viacom Upfront: Bob 360
Client or Class Name: Viacom -

In 2019, Viacom invited its top advertising and distribution partners to customized, intimate and exclusive events to talk with top leadership about the power of the company’s brands and solutions. To set the tone, create a big opening moment and deliver the message that Viacom is the most dynamic partner in the industry, the company created a cutting-edge 360-degree video experience – and delivered it in dramatic fashion. Initially disguised as a passive visual display above the crowd, at a designated point, a 360 screen was lowered around all the attendees, changing the environment and creating an immersive experience that was strategically created to mirror the feeling of being part of an exciting live event. The video then kicked off with compelling graphics and driving music and then moved into a promise – that Viacom will put its partners everywhere they want to be. From there, compelling footage from across the company’s entertainment ecosystem and hit IP enveloped attendees, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. This technical feat stitched together eight minutes of footage and motion graphics into a dynamic 90-second video – no matter where attendees looked, they would always experience something new. This approach demonstrated that at Viacom, there’s no such thing as business as usual. Instead, the company is constantly innovating to create entertainment that truly connects.


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