Viacom Cannes 2018 Invite — AR

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Project Title: Viacom Cannes 2018 Invite — AR
Client or Class Name: Viacom -

For Viacom’s executive party at the annual Cannes Lions Festival, we wanted a piece that would delight and attract the attention of top-level advertising partners, demonstrate to them the power of partnering with us and, of course, get them excited about one of the premier events at Cannes. As a company, we are committed to creativity, innovation and making custom, one-of-a-kind experiences for our partners, so we applied the same approach to this invitation. To do so, we combined a beautiful bottle of French wine with augmented reality technology to deliver an exclusive message from one of our stars – Younger ’s Hilary Duff. The result was an invitation that offered a truly unique experience and gave a taste of the creativity and excitement to come in Cannes.


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Creative Team:
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