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    Project Title: Urban Ventures: Dare to Dream | A Fundraising Campaign
    Client or Class Name: Urban Ventures - daretodream.urbanventures.org/

    For several months, we dreamed with Urban Ventures, a non-profit in Minneapolis that is breaking the cycle of poverty, to prepare branding and messaging that would move people at their ‘Dare to Dream’ fundraising event. Urban Ventures has great strategy and programming. But it’s the stories of transformation and the faces of the people they empower that best tell their story. We wanted to let those stories do the talking. The theme was “Dare to Dream.” We unpacked this theme by leading with the stories of the people who are daring to dream because of Urban Ventures’ partnership. We wove those stories and faces throughout the event website and invitation, as well as the show flow of the event itself.

    We started by fine-tuning their logo. We cleaned up individual letters, and switched out the capital ‘D’ for lowercase in order to make it feel less ‘corporate’ and more personable. The hand-drawn element gives the event an entrepreneurial vibe and a feeling of possibility.

    Our vision for the ‘Dare to Dream’ stories was about sharing that feeling of possibility. We used big, beautiful hero shots of our subjects to accompany each of their stories. Because these stories were the cornerstone of the campaign, we integrated them into every marketing piece.

    Our mission while designing the website was to tell the ‘Dare to Dream’ story in a seamless fashion. It walks donors through the heart of the campaign, the plan for the evening, and scholarship opportunities without ever leaving the landing page.

    We also designed and wrote messaging for invitations and RSVPs. Again, we led with the ‘Dare to Dream’ stories. The invite is folded in a way that requires the recipient to interact with it—opening it unveils more stories.

    For the night of the ‘Dare to Dream’ event, we chose to craft the show flow around the stories—several of the dreamers featured on the website and invitation shared more of their stories. Behind them, excerpts from their stories were displayed in a seamless loop on a wide, three-panel screen. We also tied together the theme by soliciting and leveraging the dreams of donors and staff at the organization via social media and the event itself.



    Creative Team

    Founder, CEO, & Writer:
    Sharon Sampson

    Art Director & Designer:
    Jeremy Emmerich

    Writer & Creative Manager:
    Katie Boyce

    Designer & Creative Content Developer:
    Alex Rybarczyk

    Cory Gaffer

    Motion Graphics:
    Initio Advertising



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