• Uptravi “Stay Ahead” Campaign

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    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Uptravi “Stay Ahead” Campaign
    Client or Class Name: Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd - https://www1.actelion.us


    To change the way our target audience was treating PAH, a rare and deadly disease. We needed physicians to prescribe our drug earlier in the course of the disease than they typically would have used other drugs in this class.


    PLANNING—To formulate our insight, we took a unique approach and worked with specialists in a co-creation setting. First, we listened to their attitudes and perceptions. We discussed their needs, desires, and fears. This meant getting really personal, even speaking about specific patient cases to get to the emotional side of treating this disease.

    We found physicians believe that despite treatment, patients ultimately fall behind the disease and there’s nothing out there that can stop it. That was the unmet need we could position our brand to fill.

    CREATIVE—UPTRAVI is uniquely suited to help patients stay ahead of the disease. We knew this was a core truth about the brand, and we knew doctors needed to be made aware. For a global launch, we needed a simple telegraphic and linguistic creative idea that would work in the US and across international markets. And STAY AHEAD was born.

    EXECUTIONAL—Direct mail was a strategic complement to our iDetail because UPTRAVI is marketed to a small, well-identified target audience with a previously high direct-mail open rate.

    We also developed clinical nurse materials and a mobile app that could be used as a reference to eliminate dosing uncertainty that could lead to product dissatisfaction.

    Lastly, we focused on internal communications to energize fatigued Actelion employees just coming off a recent launch in the same disease state.


    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Katharine Imbro

    Associate Creative Director, Art:
    Christian Gorrie

    Associate Creative Director, Copy:
    Joseph Brown

    Group Copy Supervisor:
    Pam Wheelock

    Art Supervisor:
    Connie Stinson

    General Manager, North America:
    Beth Beck

    VP, Account Director:
    Bridget Perez

    Account Group Supervisor:
    Emily Marotto

    VP, Director of Integrated Production:
    Jennifer Dee



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