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Project Title: UNO Website
Client or Class Name: National Resources -

UNO Website
National Resources, a real estate and investment firm, approached Mermaid, Inc. to create the brand identity and marketing collateral for this rental development, which was created by converting the classic Otis Elevator and Herald Statesman buildings into modern loft and micro-flat residences. Our goal was to appeal to the client’s stated millennial target audience.

The landing page of this responsive website has a unique way of animating between screens: the left half of the page animates up while the right half of the page animates down to reveal the building’s brand statements. The tag line is “UNO State of Mind,” and we use the brand phrase “State Of” in all the headlines: “Modern State Of Life,” “Sound State of Space,” “Cool State of Hood,”  and “Authentic State of Place.” The bold blocks of color and icon illustrations, combined with the headline typography, are used throughout the site as a theme. The interior pages make use of the parallax technique to animate the copy blocks and to visually present photos in an interesting way. The halftone-dot pattern and the cyan, yellow, magenta and black color palette, used in all the UNO collateral, pay homage to the printing presses that once occupied this historic building.

This website is not only successful with millennial renters, but also appeals to brokers, leasing agents and the surrounding community. The feedback has been so amazing that the client has asked us to rebrand one of their other rental buildings in a similarly distinctive style.

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2018 Consumer Website Design Award Winner



Creative Team

Creative Director:
Sharon McLaughlin

Web & UI Director:
Bart McLaughlin

Marketing Director:
Lauren Calabria



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