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    Guerrilla Marketing

    The Creative Circus (USA)

    Project Title: Twitler
    Client or Class Name: Independent Study - https://creativecircus.edu

    The rise of social media has allowed our words to reach more people than ever before. Unfortunately, the ease with which one can tweet and then forget about it makes us less aware of the impact our words can have on strangers on the other side of the screen. Nothing is forgotten once it’s written on the Internet.

    Inspired by social commentary expressed through stencil work by the street artists like Banksy, Twitler was created to remind everyone that unintentionally hurtful words said online can still affect the way people look at you in the real world, and you should always think before you tweet.

    The main challenged with the piece was to make sure it felt authentic and visually arresting. Originally existing only in digital form, the decision to make a real stencil on a brick wall added a sense of grittiness and subversion to the intended message.

    2017 Student Guerrilla Marketing Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Huu Anh Nguyen

    Art Director:
    Eric Percoco



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