Truth Brush

Guerrilla Marketing

Project Title: Truth Brush
Client or Class Name: Miami Ad School - Art direction Program -

We use the visual similarity between overdosing with foam at the mouth and toothpaste foam to show how Opioid overdose can reach anyone. Truthbrushes with mirrored opioid messages are given for free at local pharmacies. When a person uses the Truthbrush in the morning, the foam at the mouth and the message helps them see the reality of opioid overdose. Further information can be accessed via the leaflet and the QR code in the container. More truthbrushes with new messages are released in the future to further spread awareness.


Creative Team

Samar Singh

Art DIrector:
Abdelrahman Galal

Art Director:
Pritam Roy

Art Director:
Eman Shaheen



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