TRESemmé Solar Repair

Health and Beauty

CRX Design (Brazil)

Project Title: TRESemmé Solar Repair
Client or Class Name: Unilever -

Packaging for limited edition summer haircare range for TRESemmé Mexico. For this range of sun damage repair products, the packaging is involved by warm/solar colours and tropical flowers, going beyond the usual graphic language and elements of the brand to create an identity that clearly reflects the summer theme and its special edition proposal. The identity has ensured differentiation from the core products of the portfolio, allowing for greater visibility on shelf to drive impulse purchases during the summer season, but still preserving brand recognition.

2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Luiz Sanches

Art Director:
Danilo Helvadjian

Art Director:
Ingrid Lafalce

Strategy Director:
Cristiano Vinciprova

Andressa Nogueira



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