• TREMFYA Monuments Campaign

    Branding Campaign

    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: TREMFYA Monuments Campaign
    Client or Class Name: Janssen Pharmaceuticals - https://tremfyahcp.com

    Campaign Objective: Our goal was to launch TREMFYA® (guselkumab) in a crowded space and firmly establish it as the market-leading plaque psoriasis treatment.

    The visual centerpiece of the campaign—the TREMFYA® monuments—stand strong, solid, cemented. Depicting patients having finally discarded the clothing they used to hide behind, they are ready to celebrate their lasting skin clearance. To commemorate this success, they present as modern, yet classical, statues—further symbolizing that skin clearance with TREMFYA® may stand the test of time. Placing them in a historical environment with traditional architecture helps reinforce the concept of time.

    The TREMFYA® monuments were executed with cutting-edge photogrammetry involving a rig of 175 cameras. This technology captured a detailed, 360° view of our patients. Being able to see clear skin from head to toe and from all angles proved to be highly motivating in our print and digital campaign executions.The monuments have also been presented as larger-than-life installations within an interactive town square at conventions worldwide.

    Creative Strategy: The strategy was to make TREMFYA® synonymous with skin clearance that could stand the test of time. TREMFYA® was launching into a market where brands promised patients high levels of skin clearance, but failed to maintain results. TREMFYA® would be differentiated through the promotion of superior clearance and lasting results.

    2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Deb Feath

    Associate Creative Director, Copy:
    Diana Krulik-Bentzen

    Group Art Supervisor:
    Cara Snell

    Group Copy Supervisor:
    Bob Jones

    Group Copy Supervisor:
    Rebecca Karger

    Account Group Supervisor:
    Brian Kelly

    VP, Account Group Supervisor:
    Nicolas Parais

    Account Executive :
    Christopher Adcock

    Group Art Supervisor :
    Cara Snell

    VP, Director of Integrated Creative Services:
    Jennifer Dee

    Associate Director, Strategic Planning :
    Brooke Glanzberg


    2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner 2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner


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