Transformers – MTV Intern Vignette


Viacom Velocity (USA)

Project Title: Transformers – MTV Intern Vignette
Client or Class Name: Paramount Pictures -

Autobots assemble! To invigorate the fourth installment in the live-action Transformers film franchise with a fresh message, MTV/VH1 and Paramount Pictures enlisted YouTube/Vine star and teenage voice acting prodigy, Jake Foushee. The comedically-inspired vignette features Jake bringing his unique talents to the MTV offices as “Intern for a Day.” Encountering a variety of seemingly everyday tasks, Foushee speaks in the trademark booming voice and prophetic language of Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, to the surprise and befuddlement of colleagues. Foushee is known for tackling many well-known actors and characters, including Morgan Freeman, Jason Statham, Joe Swanson and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Ted from Ted, Christian Bale’s Batman, and Duke Nukem. Due to his rising social celebrity cred and A-List endorsements from Hollywood luminaries such as Ellen, MTV identified Jake as a perfect fit to provide this longstanding franchise with a breath of fresh air that would resonate with Millennnials.


Creative Team

EVP Viacom Integrated Marketing:
Dario Spina

EVP Viacom Creative Content:
Niels Schuurmans

Executive Producer, SVP Marketing:
Danielle Della Corna-Kupchak

Executive Producer & VP/Creative Director, On-Air Promos:
Melissa Bolton-Klinger

VP, Digital Marketing & Studio Production:
Lesley Kantor

Director, Marketing & Studio Production:
Jay Rocco

Director Marketing & Studio Production:
Kelly Mirvis

Coordinator, Marketing & Studio Production:
Alex Kirk

Coordinator Marketing & Studio Promotion:
Alexandra Woog



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