Trade Pending

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Creative Tonic (USA)

Project Title: Trade Pending
Client or Class Name: Trade Pending - Unknown


A New Age for Car Trades

TradePending revolutionized one of the few aspects of the car buying and selling process that had yet to be digitized, creating an online marketplace for trade-ins that matches car owners with dealers looking for cars like theirs. To help launch the automotive start-up, we created a strong, sleek brand and a streamlined mobile experience that brings an established feel to their innovative business model.

The Challenge

As a new player in the automotive industry, it was crucial to legitimize TradePending as a trustworthy, tech-savvy partner for facilitating trade-ins. From identity to interface, the brand and service needed to inspire confidence in both consumers and dealers.

Our Approach

Juxtapose traditional and modern, taking a classic color palette and giving it a more forward-focusedĀ  feel through clean typography and bold patterning. The result is a strong, sophisticated brand that at once feels both established and innovative.

For the mobile experience, simplicity and speed to match were the benchmarks. Intuitive interface elements and a streamlined user path give car owners instant access to the current market value for their vehicle trade-in and where they can go to make a deal.

2015 Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Michelle Houp

April Dai

Shelley Brand


2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner


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