• Tracleer Patient Video


    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Tracleer Patient Video
    Client or Class Name: Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Ltd - https://www1.actelion.us/us/index.page

    Campaign Objective:

    To educate physicians on the challenges medication packaging causes for patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and digital ulcers (DU) and announce a new Tracleer easy-to-open bottle for patients suffering from this disease.

    Campaign Strategy:

    Patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and digital ulcers (DU) suffer from open wounds on their fingers. These wounds are incredibly painful and reduce the patient’s ability to accomplish even routine tasks such as tying their shoes or making coffee. Until now, DU medication has been packaged in blister packs, which were challenging and painful for patients to open. With keen insight into the needs of these patients, TRACLEER launched a new easy-to-open bottle—making this essential treatment accessible. By removing the anxiety and fear brought on by daily interaction with the blister pak, patients have fewer obstacles and a quicker route to effective treatment. And now, through our campaign featuring a real patient story, physicians are realizing how one little change is making a huge impact in their patients’ lives.

    Target Audience:

    Healthcare professionals


    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Katharine Imbro

    Associate Creative Director, Art:
    Christian Gorrie

    Art Supervisor:
    Juliet Alvarez

    Copy Supervisor:
    Adam Swider

    VP, Director of Integrated Production:
    Jennifer Dee

    Sr User Experience Architect:
    Jai Brinkofski

    Senior Technology Strategist:
    Christopher Hefferon



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