• TotalWine.com

    Web Design


    Project Title: TotalWine.com
    Client or Class Name: Total Wine & More - www.TotalWine.com

    The e-commerce website redesign effort was the first of several transformational efforts we embarked on with Total Wine & More with the goal to establish them as a category leader.

    The platform was launched 23 months from project inception and included multiple phases. The project included a complete re-platform of TWM eCommerce while simultaneously re-designing its digital experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    There was a complex location awareness rules implementation due to regulatory and legal requirements, and a completely new user experience based on a revamped brand identity and visual design system, including voice & tone, imagery, navigation, category-level look & feel, and an innovative interaction model.

    The robust site functionality includes event management, social sharing, rich educational content, loyalty integration, integrated campaigns, site search, SEO, Adobe Analytics, Bazaarvoice Ratings and Reviews, and Rich Relevance Recommendations.

    Following the release, the online platform reported 22% increase in average orders/day and 9% uplift in average revenue/day. The site has been operating at 100% availability nationwide, with consistent and stable performance, and has been serving over 18 million registered TWM customers.

    2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Executive Creative Director:
    Barry Fiske

    Creative Leads:
    Phil Golub, Pete Tschudy, Jodie Shotwell, Chad Portas

    Meredith Lambert, Carlos Baez, Kathy Lau

    Visual Design:
    Jason Woz, Josh Bean, Jessi Tubero, Jason Cho, Sarah Peng, Taz Kim, Derek Luciani, Raoul Kim, Tom Kershaw

    Content Strategy:
    Anne Casson, Jason Bushey, Rebecca Schneider, Chris Scheppler

    Melanie Nayer

    Kevin Crockett

    Brand Strategy:
    Scott Karambis, Nicole Cestaro



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