TOMS 1+1=1

Alternative Media
Integrated Campaign

Hanyang University (South Korea)

Project Title: TOMS 1+1=1
Client or Class Name: SOL Academy -

You are a generous person who bought TOMS and gave gifts to needy children who are in dire need of help. But how much do you feel connected to the people whom you helped? Furthermore, There are so many kinds of Slip-on shoes. What make Toms shoes any more special?

So, Introducing, TOMS 1+1=1. Put on the odd pair, and be one. When buying shoes, choose two models.

And have just one side of each pair, giving the other to a needy child. Now the child you sponsored will put the same shoe on the other side. Only you and him. The odd shoes will make you feel like you’re a special fashionable person- not just a fashion person, but philanthropic fashion person! Are you proud of it? You may boast about it with hashtags like #fashion #dailylook on instagram. It’s not bluff. Your boasting is a good deed from now on. Everybody will not mock you, but look up to you. The connection between you and your child, 1+1=1


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Donghoon Lee

Art director:
Jisun Ryu

Art director:
Deok ki Yoo



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