The Warning Label

Public Service

Miami Ad School San Francisco (USA)

Project Title: The Warning Label
Client or Class Name: One Show Social Brief -

The opioid epidemic kills 4 Americans every hour, affecting Millennials most. In an effort to inform the public on opioid abuse, the FDA implemented “black-box warning labels” on all opioid prescription bottles. So why is it that the number of opioid related fatalities increases year after year? Because nobody pays attention to warning labels. By leveraging the genre of music most listened to by Millennials, we created a label people couldn’t ignore.

Introducing The Warning Label, a hip-hop music label dedicated to educating the public on opioid abuse. And for our debut mistape release, we delivered the ignored information on warning labels by remixing popular opioid glorifying rap songs.



Creative Team

Justin Joo

Art Director:
Victoria David



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