The Un-Expiring Label

Alternative Media
Guerrilla Marketing

Project Title: The Un-Expiring Label
Client or Class Name: DDB Berlin, Mentorship -

It’s our unconscious routine: we buy beverages/food packages/toiletries, we consume them, we throw them away. Each time, contributing more and more plastic to our planet. How can we disrupt this complacent cycle? How can we alert people to the fact that plastic takes 500+ years to decompose? When seeing expiration labels on plastic containers—we only think of the expiration date of the contents inside—not the plastic container itself. So Zero Waste Europe created a new type of expiration label: an expiration label for plastic.

Judge Commentary: “A great, simple, powerful idea, cleanly executed with a clear call to action. Well done.”


Creative Team

Art Director:
Mary MacLeod

Patrick Huang

Art Director:
Sabine Promberger



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