• The terrified museum

    New Media
    Digital Outdoor

    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: The terrified museum
    Client or Class Name: frogadschool -

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (IS) destroyed 34% of Middle eastern cultural heritage in 2014, and 66% of them in 2015. In spite of this terrible situation, there has been few donation from world to restore the destroyed heritages, which made Middle eastern countries suffer from financial problems to rebuild heritages. So we came up with a idea that can share their sadness and contribute to heritage restoration. Our idea is fake exhibition of virtually destroyed masterpieces using Samsung ‘THE FRAME TV’, which has beautiful frame and 4K resolution, is held to share the sadness of losing heritages and engage visitors to contribute to heritage restoration. Through this fake exibition, we make the visitors feel they could be a victim of the terror.


    Creative Team

    choi junmo

    ji inho

    Art Director:
    an jihyeon

    Art Director:
    kim boyoung

    jeon taejin



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