• “The Power of ‘L’

    Editorial Design

    SCMP Hearst Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong)

    Project Title: “The Power of ‘L’
    Client or Class Name: Hongkong Land - www.hkland.com/en/home.html

    LANDMARK magazine is a quarterly publication created for Hongkong Land’s (Hong Kong property developer) VIPs. “LANDMARK” also refers to the luxury shopping malls of Hongkong Land.

    The magazine was previously called “Are you? CENTRAL”. The submitted entry is from the re-launch issue of the magazine, under the new name/branding of “LANDMARK”.

    This story is about the brand’s new logo – “L”. While explaining the concept of the “L” in the text, we want to bring instant impact with the layout – hence using the brand colours of black and gold in making the layout. We maintained a clean, sophisticated and spacious approach to the whole story. The “L” takes up an elaborated page on the right, with the text neatly arranged, bi-lingually (English and Chinese) on the left.

    2012 Editorial Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Billy Suen

    Logo Design:



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