The Oyster Website Rebranding

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Mermaid, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: The Oyster Website Rebranding
Client or Class Name: National Resources -

Oyster Website Rebranding
National Resources, a real estate and investment firm, approached Mermaid, Inc. to create a new branding campaign that would position this new rental building with their desired millennial target audience.

To highlight the Oyster’s outstanding amenities, its Hudson Riverfront location, and the walkable community, we paired photography with river-themed headlines. For example, we paired a photo of a woman standing on a residence balcony with the headline “Life’s a breeze on the river,” and a photo of a living room with “Home on the Hudson.” We overlayed the photos with vibrant, fun colors to create a brand identity that stands out in an over-saturated market.

The resulting materials created a fresh and different look for the Oyster that helped the client reach their leasing goals.

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2018 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Sharon McLaughlin

Web & UI Director:
Bart McLaughlin

Marketing Director:
Lauren Calabria



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