• The Lead Bird

    Alternative Media
    Ambient Media

    Miami Ad School New York (USA)

    Project Title: The Lead Bird
    Client or Class Name: Head to Head - www.miamiadschool.com

    BMW Connected is an app that offers perfect navigation wherever you are. We thought a road wouldn’t be enough to demonstrate these benefits to the fullest. So we wanted to use the app to control a robotic bird that in turn helps to navigate for a migrating flock of real birds, ensuring they travel on the fastest and safest route.

    The idea is based on fact. Flocks can be taught to follow any person or object in white as long as it acts like a lead bird. For reference, we used an experiment conducted by Russian scientists: a team flew a small white aircraft to lead young cranes on an optimal migratory route.

    2017 Student Ambient Media Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Nikita Sokolov

    Art director:
    Myeongseok Cheon



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