The Greatest Recruit

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Project Title: The Greatest Recruit
Client or Class Name: Liberty in North Korea -

Against a backdrop of raging nuclear programs, forced labor camps, and an infamous, loud dictator, thousands of North Koreans stealthily make their escape across the border. Their stories go largely untold – the one issue that people across the globe could actually influence. So, we needed a new way to break through the gloom and doom headlines pouring out of North Korea – a way that flips the script and puts North Korea in a brand new light. Creating yet another tug-at-the-heart refugee story for North Korea did not seem like the right way to approach the issue. It needed a way to make the refugee crisis stand out from all of the other negative stories. Otherwise, we would be doomed to comparisons: is the refugee crisis more pressing than an imminent nuclear program? So, we landed on created a campaign from Kim’s POV – a campaign that seeks to fill the thousands of job vacancies left behind by the thousands of defectors. ​


Creative Team

Part Time Lab

Creative Director:
Tomic Lee

Art Director:
Myeongseok Cheon, Junggle Kim

Andrew Kim, Jared Powell, James Breakwell

Sohyeon Park



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