• The Frog Prince

    Best Work Never Produced

    Lisa Falkenstern Design (USA)

    Project Title: The Frog Prince
    Client or Class Name: Califon Graphics - www.lisafalkenstern.com

    Frog Prince

    An original illustration done in oils for promotion purposes. I wanted to work on stylizing a frog while keeping it realistic. This is an illustration for an unpublished picture book.

    The Snow Queen

    This painting was an entry into the 2015 New Jersey SCBWI  Conference Art Show. There is always a prompt given and the one for this show was, ‘Once Upon A Time’. I chose the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, the Snow Queen.


    One of a series of illustrating compound nouns that mean one thing, while the name itself connotes another image. Hence a mushroom is colloquially called a toadstool, so I painted that.


    One of a series of oil paint illustrations using eggs in a surreal landscape.


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    Lisa Falkenstern


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