The “Don’t Drive” Tattoo

Digital OOH
Digital Poster (South Korea)

Project Title: The “Don’t Drive” Tattoo
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The ad concept:  remind in a visually powerful way to both drinkers of alchoholic beverages and their friends or family–not to drive or dissuade a friend/family member not to–if they have this temporary tatoo on their hands.  Said temporary tatoo or tatoos are specially heat activated labels and method that are placed strategically on an alcoholic container (beer can, plastic cup, bottle, etc.) and would be activated when a consumer holds said container with his/her hand(s).  Anyone thus who holds and drinks an alcoholic beverage container with this temporary tatoo label invention would have hands with highly visible ink with a “don’t drive” mark or marks tatooed on their palm(s) and thus alerting the drinker as well as anyone else who may see the markings about the dangers.

2019 Digital Poster Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Y.O. Shin:
Leland Yi