The Coronation

Alternative Media
Guerrilla Marketing

Project Title: The Coronation
Client or Class Name: Video & Storytelling -

What do all creatives have in common? Maybe it is the fear of never being good enough. In a year marked by suicides in the creative community, experience delivery service TAKEOUT invited 90 of the most creative heads in Miami to a modern-day coronation. The goal was to battle depression and self-doubt by giving guests an opportunity to crown themselves the King or Queen of how far they have come in their careers. To attend The Coronation, each guest was asked to fill out an online questionnaire before purchasing their box. Each box included a paper roll, super glue, and a manual asking the recipient to create a crown out of the paper. Guests could add whatever they wanted to their crown, but were required to wear it to the event. The Coronation sparked conversations about depression and self-doubt on local and national media. TAKEOUT doubled its social media following in their effort to connect with their community and delivered an experience that turned 90 pieces of paper into a series of unique expressions of creative confidence.


Creative Team

Art Director:
Cristina Cordero

Art Director:
Elisa Sain

Ana Karyna Arrieche

Carolina Lara Mesa



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