Teen Wolf Season 4 – Who Is the Benefactor?

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Project Title: Teen Wolf Season 4 – Who Is the Benefactor?
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com

2015 Web Games Design Award Winner

Website was only active for specific period – click image for pdf

MTV wanted to build anticipation for the Season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf by presenting fans with an interactive game-like challenge that would unlock an exclusive video trailer for the new season. In the past, we’ve done several internet-based challenges that asked our fans to go the extra mile to unlock exclusive content. However, being tech-savvy millennials, our fans always breezed through these challenges within minutes. For this season, we wanted to create a challenge that would require fans to spend several hours if not days to complete, and that’s how the idea for the “Who Is the Benefactor?” internet scavenger hunt was born. A cryptic webpage, whoisthebenefactor.com, was created where fans were instructed to search the internet for clues that would ultimately give them 16 “passwords.” Once they discovered all 16 words and typed them into the website, the Teen Wolf Season 4 trailer would be revealed.


Creative Team

Marketing Manager, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Matt McDonough

Supervising Producer, MTV Digital:
Brandon Freeberg

Project Manager, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Jill Crawford

Marketing Coordinator, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Stephen Williams

Production Assistant, MTV Digital:
Rachel Manning

VP of Content Marketing and Fan Engagement, MTV Digital:
Tom Fishman

SVP, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Mindy Stockfield

EVP, MTV Marketing & Creative:
Tina Exarhos



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