Teen Wolf Season 4 – Integrated Campaign

Integrated Campaign

MTV On-Air Promos (USA)

Project Title: Teen Wolf Season 4 – Integrated Campaign
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com

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Our Teen Wolf heroes are back for Season 4, trying to cope after suffering the devastating loss last season of their friend, and fan-favorite character, Allison Argent. In designing a campaign for the fourth season, we wanted to emphasize perseverance: characters must recover from deep losses and remain steadfast in the face of brutally high stakes. Leading with our CAN’T GO BACK tagline (speaking both to our heroes and our mourning fans), much of our creative showcases that moment of decision and action, when our heroes decide to keep fighting, literally rising from the ashes of their pasts—resolute, unyielding and ready to move forward despite danger.

The “Can’t Go Back” message resonated across multiple platforms, through on-air spots, digital and static billboards, taxi tops, online banners and homepage takeovers. The campaign also included immersive social media experiences for Teen Wolf’s incredibly dedicated social fanbase. A memorial website was created to allow fans to bid farewell to Allison Argent, the beloved character who died at the end of the previous season. The site provided our passionate fans with a place to gain some closure and—like our show’s heroes—move forward. To remind fans that there were still challenges to overcome in this new season, we also created an interactive web-based scavenger hunt, in which fans followed online clues to unlock an exclusive trailer for Season 4.



Creative Team

EVP, MTV Marketing & Creative:
Tina Exarhos

SVP, Creative & Strategy, MTV On–Air Promos:
Joe Ortiz

SVP, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Mindy Stockfield

SVP, MTV Head of Design:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP/Creative Director, MTV On–Air Promos:
Lu Chekowsky

VP, Strategy, MTV On–Air Promos:
Lauren Epstein

VP, MTV On–Air Design:
Romy Mann

VP, MTV Off–Air Creative:
Jim deBarros

VP, Content Marketing and Fan Engagement, MTV Digital:
Tom Fishman

Associate Creative Director, MTV On–Air Promos:
Justin Russell

Director, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Wendy Perez

Director, MTV Digital Marketing:
Matt McDonough

Project Manager, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Jill Crawford

Supervising Producer, MTV Digital:
Brandon Freeberg

Supervising Producer, Off–Air Creative:
Kevin Serapilio

Senior Producer, On–Air Design:
Tina Corrado

Managing Producer, Off–Air Creative:
Michelle Fonseca

Photo Producer:
Fran Sizemore

Senior Art Director, Off–Air Creative:
Rich Browd

Senior Art Director, On–Air Design:
Catherine Chesters

Producer, On–Air Promos:
Adam Palmer

Patrick Cummings

John Sinclair

Writer (Keep Moving):
Liz Epp

Writer (Keep Moving):
Justin Freidus

Marketing Coordinator, MTV Consumer Marketing:
Stephen Williams

Production Assistant, MTV Digital:
Rachel Manning

Matthew Welch

Jamie Trueblood

Graphic Designer:
Chris Peck

Graphic Designer:
Matt Kay

Christopher Gallagher

Kim O’Donnell

Editor (Keep Moving):
Andrew Sosnowski

Production Design:
Jason Schuster

Sound Design:
Dave Hnatiuk

Visual Effects:
Sal Malfitano / Muse VFX

Final Conform:
John Ciampo



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