Teen Wolf Season 3B

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MTV On-Air Promos (USA)

Project Title: Teen Wolf Season 3B
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com


-On-Air: Teaser-Stiles; Teaser-Allison; Teaser-Scott;

Lose Your Mind; Internal Darkness

-Print: Key Art–Trio Out of House

-Online: Trailer GIF Puzzle; Die on Teen Wolf Microsite

Season 3B of Teen Wolf is a mental mind-f%&k. Having died (and then come back to life) at the end of last season, our heroes are back and barely holding it together in these new psychologically-thrilling episodes. For the first winter launch of the show, we knew we had to come out with compelling visuals and impactful messaging across all platforms to make noise during an unexpected time of year. Leading with our LOSE YOUR MIND tagline (speaking both to our characters and obsessed fans), we went inside the damaged minds of our lead in a way that our previous launches hadn’t dared. From the mind-bending Teasers and epic Hallway shoot that kicked off the campaign, to key art that literally fractured the minds of our heroes, to an online mystery that blew apart the trailer and asked our fans to put it (and their own minds) back together, we were loud and creepy and engaging across multiple platforms, resulting in the show’s highest-ever ratings for its winter premiere.


Creative Team

MTV On-Air Design

MTV Off-Air Creative

MTV Online

SVP, Creative & Strategy, MTV On-Air Promos:
Joe Ortiz

VP/Creative Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lu Chekowsky

VP Strategy, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lauren Epstein

Editorial Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Justin Russell

Director, Production Management, MTV On-Air Promos:
Jessica Borovay

Writer/Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Patrick Cummings

Writer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Paul Wig

Writer, MTV On-Air Promos:
John Sinclair

Producer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Adam Palmer

Production Manager, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lisa Nussbaum

Director of Photography:
Maxime Alexandre

Sr. Art Director, MTV On-Air Design:
Ana Sanchez

Production Designer:
David Skinner

Co-Production Designer:
Jason Schuster

Editor, Post Millennium:
Erik Auli

Post Supervisor, Post Millennium:
Tom Maiorino

Audio, Sound Lounge:
Chris Afzal

VFX, Method Studios:
Alvin Cruz

SVP, Head of Design, MTV On-Air Design/Off-Air Creative:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Jim deBarros

VP, MTV On-Air Design:
Romy Mann

Graphic Designer, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Chris Peck

Producer, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Fran Sizemore

Matthew Welch

VFX Supervisor, Method Studios:
Heather Saunders

Animator, MTV On-Air Design:
Chris Gallagher

Editor, MTV On-Air Promos:
Angela Cheng

Sound Design, MTV On-Air Promos:
Dave Huston

Katie Packman

VP, Content Marketing & Fan Engagement, MTV Online:
Thomas Fishman

Manager, Digital Marketing, MTV:
Matt McDonough

Sr. Producer, MTV Digital:
Brandon Freeberg



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