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Hanyang University (South Korea)

Project Title: TEDxAlexa
Client or Class Name: SOL Academy - www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/eng

Modern people have a lot of worries about work, study, health, human relationships and so on, which leads to stress. Eight out of ten Americans are under pressure because of more than one reason. This stress usually isn’t resolved properly, leading to depression. But these people fail to solve and handle problems and challenges easily. According to the American Counselling Association, people avoid professional treatment because of following reasons-  fear of negative judgement from others, subjective apprehension on mental health services, and the reluctance to disclose oneself.

But Technology can take people to a better world. Introducing, TED x ALEXA.

AI secretary Alexa helps you talk with experts who can solve your problems by connecting you to them. At TED, there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom that has been accumulated for decades. But Finding a video that could solve these problems has been really burdensome for decades. Moreover, it is difficult to find a personalized lecture, because these lectures are not interactive.

What if, AI? When you’re talking to your secretary, the Artificial Intelligence secretary will identify your problem and worries, and provide some remedies gathered from the database. Whenever you need assistance, just say ‘Alexa’.


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Donghoon Lee

Art Director:
Jisun Ryu

Art Director:
Mijoo Kwon



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