TechSmart “Evolution of Parts” Case Study Video

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TFI Envision, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: TechSmart “Evolution of Parts” Case Study Video
Client or Class Name: TFI Envision, Inc. -

This video provides a brief overview of the TFI Envision, Inc. process for the development of an integrated ad campaign “Evolution of Parts” for the TechSmart brand of products. TechSmart parts are build better to last longer and work harder. The brand itself continually adapts common parts to be stronger, smarter and more efficient. In short, TechSmart builds them to be survivors. TFI Envision developed a robust integrated ad campaign for TechSmart based on the theory of evolution – survival of the fittest. Each ad introduces a part via an analogy with an animal that has proven the test of time by adapting.

The campaign was delivered via targeted digital advertising, in print and via social media.



Creative Team

Creative Director:
Elizabeth P. Ball

Art Director:
Roy Barker

Illustrator, Designer, Production Artist:
Denise Coke

Designer, Copywriter:
Roy Barker



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