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    Project Title: Sweating the Details
    Client or Class Name: Carhartt - www.carharttlookbook.com/fall-2016/

    The tools to do the job

    We created content that reporters need. Of course that means beautiful still photography and tons of information about Carhartt’s products. But we went deeper, creating animated GIFs, social sharing copy, and engaging, interesting quotes from Carhartt company insiders so reporters never have to even pick up the phone.

    The toolbox to put them in

    It isn’t enough to just make the stuff. You have to put it to work. So we created a “Media Toolbox” that lets reporters grab any piece of content from the site, keep it all in one place, and download it or send it via email. And, since we know that some people still like paper, we included a downloadable PDF version of the Lookbook in their toolbox, too.

    The inspiration to tell the story

    Carhartt is an iconic brand with a story that deserves to be told. We immersed visitors in a rich visual experience that captures the spirit of Carhartt through full-bleed ambient video and wall-to-wall photography.

    2017 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Jordan Miller

    Associate Creative Director:
    Dan Kennedy

    Senior UI Designer:
    Andrew Hainen

    Technical Director:
    Adam Kempa

    Senior Project Manager:
    Amanda Harlan

    Senior Digital Analyst:
    Josh Angott

    Creative Director:
    Dwayne Raupp


    2017 Consumer Website Design Award Winner 2017 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


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