Suave Northeast

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Project Title: Suave Northeast
Client or Class Name: Unilever -

Packaging for limited edition of Suave deodorant, to be launched and sold exclusively within Brazil’s Northeastern region. For a product which fragrance is inspired by Brazil’s Northeast, why not also bring inspiration from its cultural / graphic richness to create its visual identity? The packaging presents a mix of graphic elements that honor the region. However, considering that it would be a product of Northeastern theme presented to the Northeastern people, we had to be especially careful with the graphic elements used. It was essential to consider the cultural variety of the region, and to seek an image that would meet all facets of this very wide audience. Thus, we sought out to represent  the spirit of the region in a more abstract fashion, avoiding codes or symbols that are specific to a single state or city. Its colorful waves bring the warmth and cheerful northeastern tone (and reinforce the freshness of its specific fragrance), with details that subtly represent its diversity of natural biomes. The product also bears a name inspired by characteristic local expressions, graphically portrayed through traditional white street signs and vernacular typography. Bringing a graphic outcome that went beyond its mundane appeal, the visual identity not only guaranteed product standout on shelf, but allowed to build a closer dialogue between the brand and its consumers. And most importantly, with a visual language that connected to its wide local audience, without alienating any specific group, essential to the success of the project.

2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Luiz Sanches

Art Director:
Danilo Helvadjian

Art Director:
Ingrid Lafalce

Strategy Director:
Cristiano Vinciprova

Juliana Takeuchi

Rafael Braghetto


2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


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